¡Impresionante! Bajó 83 kilos y se transformó en princesa

Una mujer de 21 años que llegó a pesar 172 kilos, logró bajar 83 gracias a una vida sana y a hacerse adicta al gimnasio.

Alysha McNair tenía una vida fuera de control y a veces visitaba hasta cinco establecimientos de comida rápida cada vez que almorzaba o cenaba.

Mientras que la ingesta diaria recomendada para las mujeres es de 2,000 calorías, Alysha consumía el doble y eso la llevó una vez a subirse a la balanza y que esta le indicará “172 kilos”.

La oriunda de la la localidad británica de Columbia se vio obligada a usar ropa de talla XXXXL, lo que llevó a años de acoso escolar, hasta que un día, se cansó de todo y se dio cuenta que le quedaban dos opciones: “cambiar o morir”.

Con la idea de cambiar de vida, se unió a su gimnasio local, abandonó la comida chatarra y ahora parece irreconocible; Alysha ha estado trazando en línea todo su viaje de pérdida de peso, compartiendo cada paso del proceso con sus seguidores.

Desde que perdió peso, Alysha también se ha embarcado en un entrenamiento para convertirse en un entrenador personal calificado después de completar su transformación el año pasado.

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Same person, 2 years apart. And minus over 100lbs. This blows my mind, especially because I have a mental battle almost daily with myself on how I look, I feel like I won’t have a chin line, or feel pretty. I feel like I’m still 373 pounds even though I’m not, I know I have lost weight but everyday it almost doesn’t feel real. Until I do a comparison photo and I look at the two. It blows my mind myself and is still hard for me to process, the thing I find the most weird is when I was the way I looked of the left, I thought I looked the way i do on the right. Now that I look like that, I feel like I still look like the photo on the left. Everyday I work on self development, listen to podcast and have been adding mediation in. Because I want to better myself mentally and I can feel myself growing every single day. I’m feeling more confident again, and am doing so much better mentally. It takes time though, the point of this is. It NEVER matters what you look like, but what you think of yourself and how you see yourself. So if you want to change please do it for you, not anyone else otherwise you’ll never ever be satisfied with the work you have put in. This is coming from a girl who has change her life completely, lost 185 pounds, got her dream job, dream life, condo, view, and place that she wanted to live and I still wasn’t happy. I even look the way I always wanted to. But I didn’t work on my brain, I did before I got injured this time last year I was ultimately fearless and I knew I was worthy and amazing and would do anything and I MEAN ANYTHING I set my mind to do. That’s why I am where I am today, I have fallen back since then. But I refuse to give up, I will reach the point where I am ultimately fearless again, and the only person stopping me is myself. It’s time become and even better me in 2019 for me. Have a wonderful day everyone, never give up on your goals you got this!

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“Estaba adicta a comer para llevar y, a menudo, visitaba cinco restaurantes de comida rápida diferentes solo para completar una comida”, manifestó en una entrevista.

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Another face to face transformation for you guys in honour of face to face Friday’s ! I still can’t get over that these photos were 4 years taken apart I always wanted to look the way I do today but didn’t know if it was fully possible I’m so grateful for my life and everything in it ! Always remember watching everyone be able to work out or do the makeup I can now. Trust me it is possible if you hang in there and stick it through ! I know days are hard, I know they get stressful and uncomfortable but that’s a good thing that means things are changing and you are growing. Self awareness is key and when you can recognize that things aren’t as bad or big of a deal as they seem it’s very helpful. Just hang in there, and remember to take each moment as it is. It’s going to be okay 😌💕 just breathe.

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“Pero después de ahogarme un día con una bebida gaseosa a los 17 años y esforzarme por recuperar el aliento, me di cuenta de que era una muerte o un cambio. Estaba comiendo mis emociones pero no fue hasta que me di cuenta de que mi futuro estaba en la balanza, si no cambiaba, decidí realmente hacer algo al respecto. Comencé a caminar más y comencé a planear mis comidas en lugar de depender de las comidas rápidas para cada comida”, agregó.

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NEVER GIVE UP! Don’t do it, keep going. If you’re giving 80% give 110% . If you want to lose a certain amount of weight come a certain date, and you don’t show up and put in the work you will not change, for me my example is my job. If I don’t give 110% effort I won’t reach my targets come game day. Same thing goes for fitness I know it’s hard, I know change is scary trust me I’ve been there and I am there but with other areas of my life. Being comfortable won’t get you anywhere you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to change. Tracking everything, meal prepping, going to the gym, being careful of what you do and do not eat is hard yes. But so is feeling gross, being over weight, hating yourself, having no confidence not feeling good in outfits. In my personal opinion which one would you rather have? Yes both are hard but one brings you success and a brighter future. The ultimate choice is yours. But trust me when I say this even though everyone says it, in a year from now you’re going to wish you started today 🐸 🍵 So GO OUT THERE AND GIVE IT YOUR ALL. If you give it your all you will beat yourself on game day and you will win your victory of whatever your goal may be. Remember that everything takes time but if you keep going and you don’t give up through all those hard times. You’ll make it. I’m living proof of it, everyone thought I was going to die including myself growing up. I attempted suicide 4 times, I got bullied so bad that I dropped out of high school and never went back. Police were involved, school board was involved. No one did a thing, I was pushed down two flights of stairs, I had my bike torn apart and put on the bike rack with no bolts in it so when I sat on it in front of the whole school it broke and I was labeled to “fat to ride a bike” I was told I’d never lose weight, that I would never help others and that I was worthless. I PROVED TO MYSELF , that they were wrong. It’s not your turn. GO PROVE THEM WRONG. It’s not their life, you are living it’s YOURS. You have the power to change it, the question is, how bad do you want it?

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